About Our Company

Laboratory PPS is the short name for the Business Espionage Counteraction Laboratory a joint-stock company from St. Petersburg, Russia.
The company was established in 1992 and over the years has earned authority and a good name. It has become one of the Leading companies in Russia in the field of information security.Laboratory PPS's priority is service in the field of information security and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM).
We also develop and produce equipment for TSCM, in addition to marketing equipment made by other Russian and foreign firms.

To sell service and equipment isn't our main concern, rather we strive to find a common language with our clients and to understand their problems. Based on this understanding, we help our clients to create the optimum system of information security for their companies and organisations. Providing service in the field of information protection is our priority at Laboratory PPS. Authorizing documents and permits held by our company, a wide variety of technical recourses and the broad experience of our staff allow us to perform quality work in the following areas: Testing, examination and certification of a variety of facilities and information protection systems with full compliance to the norms and requirements existing in this field in Russia. Complex examination of premises to reveal possible and potentially dangerous technical channels for information leak, development of recommendations for blocking such channels, issuance of a list of advisable measures and protection equipment.

Individual consultations on miscellaneous issues of security and the use of protection equipment. Other services are also available.Russian made equipment in the field of information security often out-performs similar foreign equipment. Lately, Russian companies have begun to offer unique equipment for which there is no foreign equivalent. Laboratory PPS offers its clients the best Russian and foreign TSCM equipment. Likewise, we do our best to offer only equipment which has been field tested by our experts and which has shown itself to perform well. At the same time our company invests considerable funds in it's own research and development. Our production facilities allow us to offer for sale products designed and built by our own team of experts.