Vibroacoustic and acoustic noise interference

The vibroacoustic and acoustic interference system is designed to counteract special unauthorized data retrieval devices that use the room's walling as leak channels. Such devices include:

electronic and acoustic stethoscopes that are used for tapping through ceilings, floors and walls;

wired and wireless microphones mounted on the walling or water and heating pipes;

laser and microwave data retrieval systems that operate through the window openings.


Acoustic noise generator

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 LGS-304 acoustic noise generator is designed to protect voice data against interception through the direct acoustic, vibroacoustic and optico-acoustic channels. The device is intended to protect the voice data in a standard room with an available 220 V power line.

The operation principle of LGS-304 is based on generating white noise in the acoustic frequency band, and, thus, increasing the acoustic noise - voice signal ratio.The generator can protect a room with the volume of up to 50 m3. If you work in a bigger room, you need to use several generators.