Vibroacoustic and acoustic noise interference

The vibroacoustic and acoustic interference system is designed to counteract special unauthorized data retrieval devices that use the room's walling as leak channels. Such devices include:

electronic and acoustic stethoscopes that are used for tapping through ceilings, floors and walls;

wired and wireless microphones mounted on the walling or water and heating pipes;

laser and microwave data retrieval systems that operate through the window openings.


Two-channel noise generator.

Where to buy?

LGS-402 enables protection through generating broadband vibroacoustic noise interference on the potentially hazardous room structures. Vibroacoustic noise interference is created by the generator and transmitted to the structures through the vibration transducers. The product also supports installation of an acoustic radiator for protection of closed air spaces (air ducts, wells, etc.).

LGS-402 is a two-channel noise generator. The impedance of electromagnetic vibration transducers constitutes 8 Ohm. Each channel supports parallel or sequential connection of up to 4 electromagnetic vibration transducers and of an acoustic radiator in such a way, that the overall load impedance would reach 8 ±2 Ohm. One generator enables connection of up to 8 vibration transducers.

Power voltage
no more than 20 VА
Mean time between failures
at least 10 000 h
Dimensions (no antenna)
Weight,(no antenna)
no more than 0,6 kg