Cellular jammers

Cellular jammers are designed to suppress unauthorized data retrieval equipment operating in mobile network standards, Bluetooth or WiFi. Their operation is based on generating noise interference in the required frequency band. Besides, they enable gradual adjustment of the interference signal power in all the bands, which facilitates blocking of wireless communication standards within the protected room only.


The set of remote antennas:




Where to buy?

The set of remote antennas LGS-701-AVN-450, LGS-701-AVN-900, LGS-701-AVN-1800 is designed to operate together with product LGS-701. The beamed antennas are used instead of the standard rod antennas that come with the device. They serve the purpose of forming localized suppression zones of increased distance. The remote antennas enable a 2-3-time increase in the suppression distance, if compared to the standard antennas that come with the device.

Dimensions (no antenna)
366 x 354 x 40 mm
Weight,(no antenna)
no more than 1,4 kg