Cellular jammers

Cellular jammers are designed to suppress unauthorized data retrieval equipment operating in mobile network standards, Bluetooth or WiFi. Their operation is based on generating noise interference in the required frequency band. Besides, they enable gradual adjustment of the interference signal power in all the bands, which facilitates blocking of wireless communication standards within the protected room only.


Cellular jammer for IMT-2000/UMTS (3G) standard

Where to buy?

The product LGS-713 is used to block communication between the base stations and user terminals of IMT-2000/UMTS (3G) mobile networks.

The product is also suitable for blocking unauthorized cell-phone-based tapping devices. The device works in such a way, that the user terminal loses the mobile operator’s network, and then returns to the normal operation mode once the Product is powered off.

Working frequency band
№1 at least 2010…2025 MHz,
№2 at least 2125...2170 MHz
Maximum radiation power
1 W
Effective suppression radius
3...50 m
Output adjustment range on the antenna jack
at least 20 dB
Operation conditions, temperature
+10...+35 C
Antenna dimensions
35 mm
Power consumption, 220 V / 50 Hz
no more than 8 W
Power voltage
175 - 242 V frequency 47-63 Hz
Dimensions (no antenna)
140x115x37 mm
Weight,(no antenna)
no more than 0,5 kg