Cellular jammers

Cellular jammers are designed to suppress unauthorized data retrieval equipment operating in mobile network standards, Bluetooth or WiFi. Their operation is based on generating noise interference in the required frequency band. Besides, they enable gradual adjustment of the interference signal power in all the bands, which facilitates blocking of wireless communication standards within the protected room only.


LGS-702 is designed to suppress the devices operating through:



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The product LGS-702 can be used to block the devices for unauthorized tapping and data retrieval, as well as radio devices operating based on Bluetooth or WiFi technologies.

The operation principle of the generator is based on radiation of a noise signal from the automatic generator and supplying this signal to the antenna output. The antenna is located inside the device’s case.

The power and, thus, suppression distance are both adjustable. The required radiation level is set at the point of installation.

When the device is powered on, the user terminal loses connection. It then returns to the normal operation mode, once the device has been powered off.

Working frequency band
at least 2400…2483,5 MHz
Maximum radiation power
at least 0.5 W
Output adjustment range on the antenna jack
at least 20 dB
Operation conditions, temperature
Power consumption, 220 V / 50 Hz
3.3 W at most
Power voltage
220 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions (no antenna)
90x52x17 mm
Weight,(no antenna)
no more than 0,4 kg