Cellular jammers

Cellular jammers are designed to suppress unauthorized data retrieval equipment operating in mobile network standards, Bluetooth or WiFi. Their operation is based on generating noise interference in the required frequency band. Besides, they enable gradual adjustment of the interference signal power in all the bands, which facilitates blocking of wireless communication standards within the protected room only.


cellular jammer in the following standards:




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LGS-701 cellular jammer is designed to block (suppress) communication between the base stations and mobile phones operating in the following standards:






CDMA2000 1х



The product is also suitable for blocking unauthorized cell-phone-based tapping devices working in any of the abovementioned standards.

LGS-701 would help you prevent unauthorized data retrieval through the mobile communication standards and would block unauthorized cell-phone-based tapping devices.

The device blocks mobile connection in locations, where complete silence is a must. It can be used in conference halls, negotiation rooms, museums, theaters, galleries, churches and university auditoriums - basically in any venue, where the use of mobile phones is highly undesirable.

LGS-701 is easy to install and operate, and requires no special skills. The device is peculiar in that it has three independent channels for power adjustment per each frequency band. This function enables you to create blocked zones based on your own requirements.

Working frequency band in IMT-MC-450 (NMT-450i)
at least 462,5...467,475 MHz
Working frequency band in AMPS/DAMPS800
at least 869...894 MHz
Working frequency band in GSM900
at least 935...960 MHz
Working frequency band in DSC/GSM1800
at least 1805...1900 MHz
Maximum output on the antenna jack in IMT-MC-450 (NMT-450i)
33 dBm (2 W)
Maximum output on the antenna jack in AMPS/DAMPS800
33 dBm (2 W)
Maximum output on the antenna jack in GSM900
33 dBm (2 W)
Maximum output on the antenna jack in DSC/GSM1800
30 dBm (1 W)
Effective suppression radius
3...50 m
Output adjustment range on the antenna jack
at least 13 dB (20 times)
Operation conditions, temperature
+5...+40 C
Power consumption, 220 V / 50 Hz
no more than 20 W
Power voltage
network adapter 220 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions (no antenna)
256x128x36 mm
Weight,(no antenna)
no more than 2,5 kg