Vibroacoustic and acoustic noise interference

The vibroacoustic and acoustic interference system is designed to counteract special unauthorized data retrieval devices that use the room's walling as leak channels. Such devices include:

electronic and acoustic stethoscopes that are used for tapping through ceilings, floors and walls;

wired and wireless microphones mounted on the walling or water and heating pipes;

laser and microwave data retrieval systems that operate through the window openings.


acoustic safe

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 Some mobile (cell) phones can be remotely activated or reprogrammed over the air, without any need for physical access and without the knowledge of its owner, even when the phone is switched off. 
The LAG-101 acoustic safe is used for protecting acoustic information circulating near a cellular phone against information leakage through unauthorized phone switching to transmission mode and recording. 
Itis compatible with mosts martphones produced by Samsung, HTC, Apple, Nokia, Sony, LG, Blackberry.
  • Easy for transportation.
  • Sealed casing decreases noise readability.
  • Noise generation is initiated automatically when the casing with a phone is closed.
  • Easy access to batteries.
The purpose of the acoustic safe is to block the audio access of a GSM smartphone to the conversations in its physical environment.
The acoustic safe blocks the GSM microphone by creating white noise. When a conversation begins the GSM devices have to be placed at the acoustic safe, the white noise generator to be switched on and to close the safe cover. In that way the GSM phones don’t have audio access to the conversation and it is not possible to record it on the GSM dictaphone or to be intentionally relaying or as a result of a spy software.