Cellular jammers

Cellular jammers are designed to suppress unauthorized data retrieval equipment operating in mobile network standards, Bluetooth or WiFi. Their operation is based on generating noise interference in the required frequency band. Besides, they enable gradual adjustment of the interference signal power in all the bands, which facilitates blocking of wireless communication standards within the protected room only.

LGS-720 LGS-720

Cellular detection and suppression system

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    The LGS-720 system serves for detection, identification and suppression of radio transmitters that use digital data communication message protocols, including:

- cellular phones and modems of CDMA450,GSM900, 1800 and 3G standards;

- wireless data transmission devices (WLAN, Bluetooth and WiMax);

- DECT phones;


   The system components are:

- System control and adjustment unit.

- Remote unit.

- Suppression unit.


   The control unit serves for estimation of radio environment in the area of installation and adjustment of remote units, and efficiency assessment of the deployed system.

   The remote unit provides detection and identification of radio transmitting devices and transmission of information to the suppression unit.

   The suppression unit serves for blocking (suppressing) communication between base stations and mobile cellular phones/wireless data transmission devices.

   The required number of remote units and the composition of the suppression unit depend on the results of the control unit operation, controlled area and the level of base station signal in the place of installation.