Vibroacoustic and acoustic noise interference

The vibroacoustic and acoustic interference system is designed to counteract special unauthorized data retrieval devices that use the room's walling as leak channels. Such devices include:

electronic and acoustic stethoscopes that are used for tapping through ceilings, floors and walls;

wired and wireless microphones mounted on the walling or water and heating pipes;

laser and microwave data retrieval systems that operate through the window openings.

LGS-303 LGS-303

Portable acoustic noise generator

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     LGS-303 is designed to protect voice data against interception through the direct vibroacoustic and optico-acoustic channels.
    The LGS-303 product is a mobile device. It is used inside premises (cars) and other places which do not require stationary means of information protection through direct acoustic channel and are not equipped with stationary power supply.
     The product can operate during up to 5 hours in continuous operation mode at ambient tem perature of +1 °
С to +40 °С and relative humidity not exceeding 80 % (at +25 °С). The product uses three AAA-size batteries.